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A community-powered investment platform for blockchain projects Core Team

It’s been a busy couple of months since we unveiled Decubate to the world in April. We’ve been building!

  1. Building a coalition of investors, partners, and users who want a better way to support early-stage blockchain projects.
  2. Building a platform that modernizes and scales the traditional startup incubation process for Web3.
  3. Building an incredible team to develop the world’s most trusted blockchain incubator.

We have a ton of exciting updates coming starting today with the introduction of the core Decubate team and our advisors.

The Decubate Team

Elliot Hagemeijer — CEO

A product-focused leader, Elliot is an expert in agile product development and…


The 2021 cryptocurrency bull cycle is attracting a great deal of innovators and investors. The demand for new promising projects with disruptive visions is higher than ever. At the same time, the number of blockchain launchpads, accelerators, and incubators is increasing and gaining traction. Most blockchain launchpads compete for the same blockchain startup inflow.


We notice a significant decline in the quality of new blockchain projects as a result of the high demand and competition. Most of these projects still need to prove long-term commitment, credibility, product development, and delivery at a huge cost.


Decubate has an entirely different approach…

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