Decubate Monthly Update — September 2021
4 min readOct 12, 2021


Welcome to the third edition of the Decubate Monthly Update! This update recaps the work accomplished by the Decubate team during the month of September. For new community members, the Monthly Update is a great way to get up to speed on all things Decubate. For our community of DCB token holders, this update is an opportunity to commemorate our collective successes!

September 2021 Highlights

  • Decubate Platform Launch 🚀
  • First Investable Project (ARize) 🛸
  • AMA with BlockTalks 🗣️
  • New Staking Pools 🏊
  • Decubate Investment Tiers 💰
  • Decubate on Altcoin Buzz 📰
  • ApeSwap Partnership 🐵
  • Crypto Villa Interview 📺

Decubate Platform Launch

We successfully shipped the MVP version of the Decubate platform. Alongside Staking, we introduced Featured Projects and Account Creation.

Projects includes:

  • Project Profile: Tokenomics, Team, Roadmap and FAQ
  • Investment: Subscribe Interest and Project Funding

Account Creation includes:

  • Investor Profile
  • Identity Verification (KYC)
  • Wallet Verification
  • 2FA

How to create your Decubate account:…

First Project Announced

We announced ARize as the first investable project on Decubate. ARize is an NFT-powered virtual goods marketplace. With an experienced team and proprietary technology, ARize is poised to be a major player in the metaverse.

Meet ARize, a blockchain powered content marketplace for the metaverse:

AMA with BlockTalks

BlockTalks welcomed both Decubate and ARize for a joint AMA. We shared more about ARize and the $280B metaverse market opportunity they’re tackling. Other topics discussed included the newly updated Decubate platform and how to invest in ARize on Decubate.

New Staking Pools

We launched 3 new staking pools in September to prepare for the project investment process on Decubate. As of the end of September, over 15 million DCB tokens have been staked.

How to earn rewards by staking DCB:

Decubate Investment Tiers

In our experience, participating in token sales is stressful. It’s rare to see positive feedback about the investment experience. We designed our Investor Tiers, and the investment process on Decubate writ large to be simple and fair.

Investment process design tenants:

  1. Guaranteed allocation
  2. Accessible entry level tiers
  3. Generous ticket values

Learn how to invest in businesses on Decubate:

Decubate Featured in Altcoin Buzz

Crypto media company, Altcoin Buzz, published a 2-part article series on all things Decubate. Get detailed information on topics like token utility, partnerships and more.

Decubate AltCoin Buzz articles:

ApeSwap Partnership

We announced that ApeSwap has become our preferred DEX partner! Businesses that launch on Decubate now have the opportunity to secure a listing/pool/farm on ApeSwap.

Decubate also joined ApeSwap with a listing, pool, & farm of our own.

Partnership Blog:

Decubate Farm & Pool on ApeSwap:

Crypto Villa Interview

Decubate CEO, Elliot Hagemeijer, joined crypto influencer, Crypto Villa, for a livestream interview. Elliot covered the origin story of Decubate and provides a myriad of updates about the first investable business on Decubate, ARize.

Crypto Villa YouTube channel:


Decubate is a community-powered investment platform that is bringing the $3 trillion global startup economy onto blockchain. Decubate pairs traditional web2 startups with the financial and promotional capital of community members to fuel their web3 success. Learn more at



Decubate is a web3 software company that makes token management easy. We provide leading crypto projects with the tools they need to build strong communities.

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