Decubate Partners With Animalia

Decubate, a web3 software company and investor club is partnering with Animalia, a free-to-play online NFT trading card game. Animalia will utilize Decubate vesting and staking products to engage and reward their $ANIM token & NFT holders.

Animalia is well positioned for breakout success. The NFT trading card game recently completed their INO (initial NFT offering) across leading launchpads like: GameStation, Xion Finance, SafeLaunch, NFTb, NFTPad, Babylons, Apollo-X, and TrustPad. Animalia has also solidified an impressive list of partnerships including: Master Ventures, X21 Digital, BSCNews, Gains Associates, Liquidifty and Spintop Network. With an IDO, marketplace launch and game demo coming soon, the future looks bright for the Animalia Kingdom.

Decubate is focused on increasing token holder engagement. Their vesting, staking and governance (coming soon) products help projects build better relationships with their important stakeholders, their investors. The value of delivering great customer experiences is well documented. Brands with superior customer experience bring in 6x more revenue than competitors, are 60% more profitable and have 5x more loyalty. The stakes are even higher in web3 where customers are now investors. Decubate products are used by leading crypto projects like Sidus Heroes, Bit Hotel, BattleVerse, Animalia and more.

Animalia is an independent free-to-play online NFT trading card game featuring crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones.

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Decubate is a web3 software company and investor club. Our vesting, staking and governance products help leading crypto projects increase token holder engagement. Our investor club provides members with exclusive value creation opportunities from the projects we partner with.



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Decubate is a web3 software company that makes token management easy. We provide leading crypto projects with the tools they need to build strong communities.