Decubate Staking V2 Overview
3 min readDec 30, 2021

The staking experience on Decubate is getting a major upgrade, starting today with support for compounding rewards.

Staking V2 Upgrades

Compounding rewards

Staking rewards are calculated and added to your staking balance on a daily basis.

Deposit anytime

Add DCB into V2 pools at any time to increase your effective APY (no more reward loss).

Daily bounties

Earn a DCB bounty for completing the staking reward transaction for the community.

Compounding interest and APY overview

Compounding interest is the interest earned on a deposit calculated based on both the initial principal and the accumulated interest from the previous period. Annual percentage yield (APY) is a normalized representation of an interest rate, based on a compounding period of one year. The APY is fixed per V2 staking pool but will increase due to the compounding effect. For example:

Initial balance = 100,000 DCB

APY = 10% compounding daily

Reward after 1 year = 10,515.58 DCB

Effective APY = 10.516%

How to increase APY in V2 staking pools

As previously mentioned, you can increase your effective APY by depositing additional DCB into V2 Staking pools at any time. Your effective APY will be displayed in the “Reward” field of the pool.

Another way to boost your APY is by utilizing Decubate Investor NFTs. These limited edition NFTs were airdropped to Decubate community members who participated in Decubate Crowdfunding and Token Claim Events for ARize and Hodl Finance. Holding an Investor NFT will allow you to boost your APY in our V2 staking pools. Investor NFT support is coming soon (will go live in January).

Upgrade to Staking V2

Follow these step by step instructions to restake your tokens into our V2 staking pools. You must complete this process for each legacy staking pool you are currently in.

1. Claim rewards from the legacy staking pool(s) you are in.

  • Click on the claim button to claim your staking rewards.
  • Approve the transaction in your wallet.
  • Staking reward tokens are transferred to your wallet.

2. Withdraw tokens from the legacy staking pool(s) you are in.

  • Click withdraw to remove your staked DCB tokens.
  • Approve the transaction in your wallet.
  • Staked tokens are transferred to your wallet.

3. Stake DCB in V2 pools.

  • Click on the new V2 pool and deposit DCB
  • Approve the transaction in your wallet
  • Deposit DCB into the V2 pool


Why should I upgrade to staking V2?

In addition to compounding rewards and deposit enhancements, staking V2 will support Investor NFT APY boosts and multi-asset staking (coming soon).

What are bounties?

We calculate compounding rewards every 24 hours. To initiate the reward deposit back into the staking pool, we offer a bounty (reward) to one user to “claim” the reward tokens on behalf of all V2 staking participants. The bounty reward amount is displayed in the bounty widget and will vary depending on the quantity of tokens staked. In theory, the bounty reward will increase in line with the quantity if DCB staked.

Will I lose rewards if I don’t upgrade to staking V2?

No, you will continue to earn rewards in our legacy pools if you choose to stay put. That said, legacy pools will not support compounding, NFT boosts or multi-asset staking (coming soon).

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