Expanding The Horizons Of Decubate

2021 has been an incredible year for Decubate. We completed our IDO in July, launched staking in August, secured a massive partnership with ApeSwap in September, completed our first Crowdfunding Event in October and delivered our first Token Claim Event in November. While we’re proud of our collective accomplishments (yes, we’ll absolutely revisit all of them in our yearly recap) we want to look forward and share our plans for the future of Decubate.

Where we’re going

Today, Decubate is focused on bringing promising web2 business onto web3. We guide traditional businesses through an intensive incubation program to get them web3 ready. Once all systems are go, they graduate to our crowdfunding platform to complete their first token sale (many of you are familiar with this experience).

While we continue to believe that our web3 onboarding focus is strategically sound, the incubation process is taking longer than anticipated. We want to deliver investable projects to you, our community, with more speed and consistency. And we’ve been actively working on a new approach to do just that and to accelerate the overall growth of Decubate.

Decubate will continue to focus on early stage projects. However, we’re expanding our project selection strategy to now include crypto native projects. This shift allows us to access a sea of new projects. And to better attract these projects to land on Decubate, we’re going to offer them something that most launchers can’t, great software. We’re actively developing a suite of products that all projects need in order to complete a successful token launch.

These actions support our new objective to become the leading pre-launcher. Decubate will be known as the first place projects go to access the technology, support and capital they need before launch.

What’s in it for you?

Providing value creation opportunities to our community continues to be our number one priority. Our updated strategy enables us to deliver more of them.

More projects to invest in

Crowdfunding events on Decubate will occur more frequently.

More utility for DCB

New product updates and partnerships will make DCB even more rewarding.

More ways to earn DCB

New product referral and bounty programs will create additional opportunities to increase your DCB holdings.

What’s next?

You can expect an action-packed December. We will announce our first white-label product (we’ve already secured some noteworthy clients). We will upgrade Decubate staking pools based on community feedback. We will roll-out a series of collaborative contests to reward the community members. And yes, we will announce at least one new project. Thank you for your continued support. WAGMI

About Decubate

Decubate is the leading prelaunch destination for web3 projects. We are the first place projects go to access the technology, support and capital they need to complete a successful token launch. Learn more at www.decubate.com



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