How To Invest In Businesses On Decubate

Decubate is a crowdfunding platform for blockchain-powered businesses. We help businesses create new value by tokenizing their assets, and we help investors securely invest in businesses they believe in.

Investors choose Decubate to:

  1. Access a curated, vetted portfolio of existing businesses with strong blockchain use cases.
  2. Secure a level playing field for more equitable participation.
  3. Increase odds of generating a return while decreasing downside risk.

The launch of the first investable business on Decubate is rapidly approaching. Crowdfunding opens for ARize on October 7th. Read on to learn how to invest in ARize.

To invest in a business on Decubate, you’ll need to qualify for one of our six (6) Investment Tiers. Each Tier has a DCB (Decubate token) staking requirement that if met, secures your option to invest. The option to invest in a business is called a “Ticket.” The Ticket value (the amount you can invest in a business on Decubate) increases with each Investment Tier. Investing in a business on Decubate is completed using BUSD.

As previously mentioned, staking DCB secures a Ticket, which represents your option to invest in a business on Decubate. Ticket value represents the total amount of BUSD you can invest. Ticket value is directly associated with the Investment Tier you qualify for. Ticket value increases relative to Investment Tier level. For example, Ticket value for Gold Tier is higher than the Ticket value for Silver Tier. Ticket value is fixed per Investment Tier except for Diamond Tier. Diamond Tier Ticket value compounds, meaning investors have the option to increase their Ticket value by staking additional DCB. For example, Diamond Tier investors can double their Ticket value by doubling the Diamond Tier staking requirement (e.g. 2x 80,000 DCB = 2x ticket value). Ticket value for all Investment Tiers will be announced on October 7th, four (4) hours before crowdfunding opens for ARize .

To meet the staking requirement of the Investment Tiers, stake your DCB in any Decubate Staking Pool. Make sure that the wallet you use to stake your DCB is the wallet you verified on your Decubate account. This requirement is in place for both compliance and security purposes.

Don’t have enough DCB to stake? Purchase DCB on ApeSwap or PancakeSwap

DCB contract address: 0xEAc9873291dDAcA754EA5642114151f3035c67A2 (always verify DCB contract address on our website)

In our experience, participating in token sales is stressful. It’s rare to see positive feedback about the investment experience. We’re aiming to improve that by providing guaranteed allocation to the majority of our Investment Tiers.

To guarantee your allocation, you must meet the staking requirement of the Investment Tier you want to secure no later than 24 hours before crowdfunding launch (October 7th). Investment Tiers will be locked at this time and cannot be changed. On crowdfunding launch day, visit the ARize project page to make your investment. *Note Guaranteed allocation will be held for four (4) hours on launch day. After this time period, investment will open up to first come first served.

Base Tier is structured as first come first served. To qualify, you must meet the staking requirement of 1,000 DCB. On launch day, visit the Arize project page to make your investment after the Guaranteed Allocation time period ends.

While no system is perfect, our Investment Tier structure offers a solid foundation to build upon. We welcome your input.

How do I invest in businesses on Decubate?

  1. Create and setup your Decubate account (verify your identify & wallet)
  2. Stake the required amount of DCB to secure your Investment Tier / Ticket
  3. Invest BUSD in ARize on October 7th (exact timing TBA)

What is the ticket value?

We will release ticket value information for each Investment Tier four (4) hours before the ARize crowdfunding campaign opens.

Decubate is a community-powered investment platform that is bringing the $3 trillion global startup economy onto blockchain. Decubate pairs traditional web2 startups with the financial and promotional capital of community members to fuel their web3 success. Learn more at

The leading pre-launch destination for web3 projects. Get the tools and support your project needs to complete a successful token launch.

The leading pre-launch destination for web3 projects. Get the tools and support your project needs to complete a successful token launch.