How To Participate In Our Token Claim Event For Hodl Finance
5 min readNov 3, 2021

At Decubate, we empower our community of investors to access value creation opportunities in a more equitable way. From investment exposure to compelling blockchain businesses to passive recurring income opportunities via staking, we strive to deliver meaningful experiences that benefit our members. To that end, we’ve partnered with Hodl Finance, a CeDeFi ecosystem, to distribute their HFT token to the Decubate community. All Decubate community members who have secured an Investment Tier are eligible to receive HFT.

The Hodl Finance Token Claim event on Decubate is rapidly approaching. Read on to learn how to participate.

About Hodl Finance

The Hodl Finance story begins in the traditional finance world. Members of the Hodl team previously created and deployed sophisticated trading algorithms for investment firms. As DeFi began its meteoric rise, the Hodl Finance team realized they had an incredible opportunity to democratize access to the trading algorithms they developed to level the playing field between institutional and retail investors.

Today, Hodl Finance is developing a marketplace for algorithmic trading bots. Fully embracing DeFi, the future of Hodl finance will be determined by their community of HFT token holders (this means you!). In addition to governance, HFT token utility includes:

  • Trading bot platform access
  • Trading pair voting
  • Passive recurring token rewards
  • Eligibility for NFT airdrops
  • And more

Token Claim Event Participation

Hodl Finance’s HFT token will be distributed to all Decubate community members who have secured an Investment Tier. To qualify for a Decubate Investment Tier, you must create a Decubate account, verify your identity + wallet, and stake DCB (our token) in a Decubate staking pool. The DCB staking requirement for each Investment Tier is outlined in the image below.

While all Decubate Investment Tiers are eligible to participate in the Hodl Finance Token Claim Event, higher Tiers will receive an increased allocation of HFT. For example, Gold Tier members will receive a larger allocation of HFT than Silver Tier Members. To upgrade your Investment Tier, simply meet the DCB staking requirement of the Tier you want (your Investment Tier level is displayed on your Decubate account). While Diamond Tier members can’t upgrade their Tier, they can increase their allocation of HFT through compounding. Compounding is activated every time the Diamond Tier staking requirement is met. For example:

  • 2x staking requirement (160,000 DCB) for 2x HFT allocation
  • 3x staking requirement (240,000 DCB) for 3x HFT allocation
  • 4x staking requirement (320,000 DCB) for 4x HFT allocation
  • And so on…

Token Claim Event Details

The Hodl Finance Token Claim Event is scheduled for Thursday, November 11th on Decubate.

Event Schedule

15:00 UTC

  • Decubate Investment Tiers are locked (upgrading your tier after this time will not increase HFT allocation)
  • HFT allocation calculation begins

17:00 UTC

  • HFT allocation finalized and revealed (allocation per tier will be shared)
  • HFT token claim available

Your HFT tokens and vesting schedule will be viewable on our soon to be launched, Investment page. The Investment page provides a personalized view of your financial activity on the Decubate platform including both crowdfunding and token claim events. View details of all projects you’ve participated in including token allocation, claim status, vesting schedule and more. The Investment page will launch before the Token Claim Event and can be found in the Portfolio section of the Decubate platform (you must login to your account to view it).

We’re incredibly excited about this event and look forward to delivering additional value creation opportunities to the Decubate community on an ongoing basis.


What are the vesting terms of the HFT Token Claim Event?

25% unlock on November 11th, 75% vesting over 3 months

What is the total supply of HFT?


What is the initial circulating supply of HFT?


What is the price of HFT?


Why should I hold HFT?

Strong token utility including a unique passive recurring rewards system

  • Access use to earn algorithmic trading bots
  • Vote for trading pairs that Hodl Finance algorithms will run on
  • Reflection rewards
  • NFT airdrops to HFT holders
  • Community governance to determine how the treasury funds are spent

Where will HFT be listed?


What is the contract address of HFT?


What type of token is HFT?


How do I participate in the Hodl Finance Token Claim Event?

1. Create a Decubate account

  • Verify your identity first, then verify your wallet.
  • You must be fully verified to participate in Crowdfunding and Token Claim Events. Verify your identity and wallet before staking DCB.
  • Experiencing issues? Email for support.

2. Stake DCB (Decubate tokens) to secure your Investment Tier

  • While all Decubate Investment Tiers are eligible to participate in the Token Claim Event, higher Tiers will receive an increased allocation of tokens.
  • Investment Tiers will be locked on November 11th at 15:00 UTC.

3. Claim your Hodl Finance tokens on November 11th at 17:00 UTC.

What happens when I claim my HFT tokens

Once you select the “Claim Tokens” button on your Investment page, HFT will be added to your verified wallet. Note, per Hodl Finance’s transaction model, 10% of your HFT tokens will flow back to the Hodl Finance ecosystem.

  • 2% for HFT reflection
  • 2% for the HFT liquidity pool
  • 6% for the Hodl Finance treasury

To learn more about Hodl Finance’s HFT transaction model, check our their HFT Token Flow blog:

How much HFT can I claim?

The maximum amount of $HFT you can claim per transaction is 420,000,000. This is due to anti-whale prevention and is hardcoded into the HFT token contract. To claim more than 420,000,000 tokens, simply complete another token claim transaction.

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