AlgoBlocks is conducting a public sale on Decubate on April 14th

How To Participate In The AlgoBlocks Crowdfunding Event

Decubate is a web3 software company and investor club. Our vesting and staking products help leading crypto projects increase token holder engagement. Our investor club provides members with exclusive value creation opportunities from the projects we partner with.

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On April 14th, 2022, Decubate will host a Crowdfunding Event for AlgoBlocks — an intuitive DeFi aggregation and automation platform. Continue reading to learn more about Algoblocks and the event.

What is AlgoBlocks?

AlgoBlocks platform features

AlgoBlocks is a user-friendly DeFi aggregation and automation platform that’s onboarding the next 300 million people into crypto. Algoblocks provides users with an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables them to access a plethora of DeFi products, all in one place. Their mission is to enable everyday crypto users to use DeFi products seamlessly. The core features of the AlgoBlocks platform provide a powerful, yet easy to use experience for investors. Platform highlights include: an intelligent & personalized signals system, curated one-click investment option, the ability to create your own pre-programmed trade, a marketplace to discover DeFi investment recommendations, the ability to swap assets across multiple DEXs on a single page and a comprehensive Dapp & DEX search engine.

What is ALGOBLK token?

ALGOBLK, is a BEP-20 utility token that will power the AlgoBlocks ecosystem. Initially, ALGOBLK will be used to pay trading fees, to deploy trading strategies, to earn staking rewards and for voting. In the future, ALGOBLK will be used as a “universal gas token” meaning the token will be used to pay for transactions across any chain. Nice!

Why is AlgoBlocks poised for success?


AlgoBlocks addresses a major issue often associated with DeFi projects, complexity. The AlgoBlocks platform provides investors with a suite of user-friendly tools to seamlessly navigate DeFi projects, thus creating a more accessible environment to attract more people to crypto. Their focus on educating new crypto users also supports this strategy.


AlgoBlocks has already raised $1.9 million in strategic and private funding and has established a strong group of partners including: Draper Dragon, MEXC Global, Big Brain Holdings, Safe Launch, Lancer Capital, Palar Capital and more. Their community is growing nicely as well with 100k followers on Telegram and over 50k on Twitter in just 3 months.

World class team

The AlgoBlocks team comprises some of the foremost excerpts in finance, capital markets technology, and crypto industry. CEO, Joseph Kim, was the winner of a patent competition in Hong Kong, receiving the rights for 3 technical patents in the US, Japan, and China.

Large addressable market

The DeFi market has grown rapidly over the past few years and is expected to continue growing. The current market value for DeFi is over $170 billion, a rise of 47% in just one year.


👫 AlgoBlocks is a DeFi aggregation & automation platform that enables anyone to become involved with DeFi.

💻 Their all-in-one DeFi management platform streamlines the crypto investment and trading process.

🚀 ALGOBLK, a BEP20 utility token, will be used to pay trading fees, deployment of trading, staking, and for rewards.

💰 AlgoBlocks will conduct a public sale Crowdfunding Event on Decubate on April 14th.

Learn more about AlgoBlocks:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Discord | LinkedIn | Whitepaper

AlgoBlocks Crowdfunding Event overview

Decubate membership levels

Crowdfunding Events on Decubate allow our community of investors to participate in the token sales of highly-vetted projects. We’d love to have you join us. To qualify for Crowdfunding Events, complete the following steps:

Event Whitelisting

To more accurately determine investment allocation levels for crowdfunding events, Decubate members must whitelist to be eligible to participate in them. To whitelist, visit the AlgoBlocks project profile page and click on the “Apply to participate” button. Clicking on the “Apply” button 1. takes a snapshot of your current membership level to inform your investment allocation* 2. confirms your consent to the terms and conditions of the token sale.

*Upgrading your membership level after whitelisting for an event will NOT change your event allocation.

The whitelist for the AlgoBlocks event is now open:

Event NFT

All Gold+ Decubate members who invest in AlgoBlocks will receive an AlgoBlocks NFT. Beyond looking good, the NFT will provide utility including staking rewards boosts and more.

Event Details

The AlgoBlocks Crowdfunding Event is scheduled for Thursday, April 14th on Decubate. Whitelisted members can purchase AlgoBlocks’ ALGOBLK token at the public sale price of $0.10.

2:00pm UTC — Whitelist closes, allocation values are announced.

3:00pm UTC — Guaranteed Allocation round opens to all whitelisted Decubate members.

5:00pm UTC — First Come First Served round opens. All Decubate members (including those who forgot to whitelist) may invest in the FCFS round.

After the event, your ALOGBLK tokens and vesting schedule will be viewable in your Decubate portfolio (Investments page). We’re incredibly excited about this event and look forward to delivering additional value creation opportunities to the Decubate community on an ongoing basis.


What is the price of ALGOBLK for the event?


What are the vesting terms of ALGOBLK for the event?

25% at TGE and equal vesting over 3 months

What is the total supply of ALGOBLK?


What is the initial circulating supply of ALGOBLK?


When is TGE?

April 19th, 2022

How do I participate in the AlgoBlocks Crowdfunding Event?

1. Create a Decubate account

2. Stake DCB (Decubate tokens) to secure your membership.

3. Whitelist for the event (click the “Apply to participate” button)

4. Complete your investment in Algoblocks with BUSD

How do I purchase DCB (Decubate token)?

Buy DCB on ApeSwap or PancakeSwap

Contract address: 0xeac9873291ddaca754ea5642114151f3035c67a2

About Decubate

Decubate is a web3 software company and investor club. Our vesting, staking and governance products help leading crypto projects increase token holder engagement. Our investor club provides members with exclusive value creation opportunities from the projects we partner with.



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