How To Participate In The BattleVerse Crowdfunding Event

Decubate exists to support the growth and development of web3 projects in their earliest stages. We equip promising projects with the technology, capital, and marketing support they need to achieve a successful token launch. We conduct Crowdfunding Events (token sales) to raise capital for projects from our highly-engaged community of investors.

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, we will conduct a Crowdfunding Event for BattleVerse — a P2E online game powered by DeFi x NFTs — and we couldn’t be more excited. Read on to learn more about BattleVerse and the Crowdfunding Event.

Enter The World Of BattleVerse

BattleVerse is a free, play-to-earn game that combines some of the finest decentralized technology utilized in DeFi and NFTs (simply put, gamers are able to earn money while playing). The Battleverse team uses blockchain technology to ensure their players’ security is top-notch, while also ensuring the payment process is smooth and as transparent as possible.

Within the world of BattleVerse, players can:

  • Play: Participate in BattleVerse on your terms: PvP, PvE or staking.
  • Win & Earn: Win tokens, items (NFTs), and earn profits.
  • Upgrade: Earn, buy, breed and customize characters.
  • Host: Buy, sell, rent, and even lease plots of land.

The overall goal of BattleVerse is to build a decentralized game that runs independently. The market continues to shift towards new and innovative DeFi experiences. According to Cointelegraph, the DeFi only represents 0.1% of its maximum potential and has massive room for growth. We believe GameFi will be a major driver of that value potential being realized. The aforementioned, combined with the current global gaming market valued at $180 billion and the mobile gaming market valued at $105 billion, presents substantial upside for BattleVerse and investors.

Learn more about BattleVerse: Website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter

BattleVerse Crowdfunding Event Overview

Crowdfunding Events on Decubate allow our community of investors to participate in the token sales of highly-vetted projects. We’d love to have you join us. To qualify for Crowdfunding Events, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Decubate account (complete identity and wallet verification).
  2. Secure your Membership (stake our DCB token in one of our staking pools).
  3. Complete your $BVC token purchase in BUSD on February 16.

Decubate Membership

Securing your membership to Decubate qualifies you to participate in Crowdfunding Events. There are six member levels in total. The higher your member level, the more token sale allocation you will receive during events. To upgrade your membership, simply meet the DCB staking requirement of the member level you want.

Whitelisting (new)

To increase the accuracy of token sale allocation per member level, we’re introducing a whitelist. No hoops or social media tasks we promise. Simply agree to the event terms & conditions, select the “Apply to participate” button and approve the whitelist registration transaction in your wallet. Whitelisting is mandatory to participate in the event and must be completed by 1p UTC on Feb 16. Visit the BattleVerse project page to complete whitelisting now.

Event Details

The BattleVerse Crowdfunding Event is scheduled for Wednesday, February 16th on Decubate. Whitelisted members can purchase BattleVerse’s $BVC token at the private sale price of $0.04.

1:00pm UTC

  • An event participation snapshot is taken and the allocation for each membership level is revealed. You must whitelist before this time to be eligible to participate in the Battleverse Crowdfunding Event.

3:00pm UTC

  • Guaranteed Allocation round opens to all participating members.

5:00pm UTC

  • First Come First Served round opens.

After the event, your $BVC tokens and vesting schedule will be viewable in your Decubate portfolio (Investments page). We’re incredibly excited about this event and look forward to delivering additional value creation opportunities to the Decubate community on an ongoing basis.


What is the price of $BVC for the Crowdfunding Event?


What are the vesting terms of $BVC for the Crowdfunding Event?

5% unlock at TGE, 3% M2, 2% M3, 5% M4–21

What is the total supply of $BVC?


What is the initial circulating supply of $BVC?


What is the public sale price of $BVC?


What are the vesting terms of $BVC for the public sale?

10% unlock at TGE, 15% M2-M7

When is the IDO?

February 17, 2022

How do I participate in the BattleVerse Crowdfunding Event?

1. Create a Decubate account

  • Verify your identity first, then verify your wallet.
  • Experiencing issues? Email for support.

2. Stake DCB (Decubate tokens) to secure your membership.

3. Complete your investment in BattleVerse with BUSD

How do I purchase DCB (Decubate token)?

Buy DCB on ApeSwap or PancakeSwap

Contract address: 0xeac9873291ddaca754ea5642114151f3035c67a2

About Decubate

Decubate is the leading prelaunch destination for web3 projects. We are the first place projects go to access the technology, support and capital they need to complete a successful token launch. Learn more at



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