How To Participate In The Engines of Fury Crowdfunding Event

Decubate exists to support the growth and development of web3 projects in their earliest stages. We equip promising projects with the technology, capital, and marketing support they need to achieve a successful token launch. We conduct Crowdfunding Events (token sales) to raise capital for projects from our highly-engaged community of investors.

To that end, we’re excited to conduct a Crowdfunding Event for Engines of Fury, the future of crypto gaming, on January 28. Read on to learn more about Engines of Fury and the Crowdfunding Event.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a visually stunning auto battler where champions fight each other in retro-futuristic arenas. The game offers a number of engaging gameplay modes, deep lore, stunning 3D graphics and a crypto-powered economy ($FURY and NFTs) that enhances the gaming experience.

Players can:

  • Duel: Engage in exciting PVE and PVP duels and tournaments.
  • Win & Earn: Win $FURY tokens, forge items (NFTs), and earn profits.
  • Upgrade: Buy, customize, and upgrade champions.
  • Host: Buy arena lands, host fights for other players, and earn passive income.
Wager-based PVE/PVP arena duels in a stunning 3D retro-futuristic world. Powered by $FURY.

The gaming-obsessed team at Engines of Fury is poised to revolutionize the crypto gaming industry. Their aspiration is for EoF to become the first game to bridge the crypto and non-crypto worlds. Speaking of gaming, the global video game market (currently valued at $180 billion) is expected to reach $270 billion by 2025. Factor in mobile gaming ($105 billion), NFTs ($13 billion) and virtual goods/currency ($4.5 billion) and you’re looking at a $300 billion+ addressable market. Finding success in any one of these segments would present substantial upside for both Engines of Fury and investors.

With crypto native games missing the mark AND legacy gaming studios resistant to change, the time is right for a visionary game to emerge to show us the future of gaming. We believe that game is Engines of Fury.

Learn more about Engines of Fury:

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Instagram

Engines of Fury Crowdfunding Event Overview

Crowdfunding Events on Decubate allow our community of investors to participate in token sales from highly-vetted web3 projects. We’d love to have you join us. To qualify for Crowdfunding Events, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Decubate account (complete identity and wallet verification).
  2. Secure an Investment Tier (stake our DCB token in one of our staking pools).
  3. Complete your FURY token sale purchase in BUSD on Jan 28.
Decubate Investment Tiers

Investment Tiers

Securing an Investment Tier qualifies you to participate in Crowdfunding Events on Decubate. There are six tiers total. The higher your tier, the more token sale allocation you will receive. To upgrade your Investment Tier, simply meet the DCB staking requirement of the tier you want. While Diamond Tier members can’t upgrade their Tier, they can increase their allocation through compounding. Compounding is activated every time the Diamond Tier staking requirement is met (e.g. 2x 80,000 DCB staked = 2x ticket value).

Guaranteed Allocation

To guarantee your investment allocation for Engines of Fury, you must verify your identity + wallet AND secure an Investment Tier by 10:00am UTC on Jan 28th. Failing to complete any one of these steps will disqualify you from participating.

First Come, First Served

First Come, First Served opens after the Guaranteed Allocation round ends. FCFS allocation may not be available if the GA round sells out.

Investment NFT

All Investment Tier holders who invest in Engines of Fury will receive a commemorative Investment NFT. The NFT will provide exclusive access to Decubate experiences like increased staking rewards, enhanced investment privileges, governance boosts and more.

Crowdfunding Event Details

The Engines of Fury Crowdfunding Event is scheduled for Friday, January 28th on Decubate. Qualified investors will be able to purchase Engines of Fury’s FURY token at the private sale price of $0.25.

10:00am UTC

  • Decubate Investment Tiers are locked (you must secure an investment tier before this time to participate in the event)

12:00pm UTC

  • Ticket Values are announced (the amount of BUSD each Tier can invest in Engines of Fury)

2:00pm UTC

  • Guaranteed Allocation round opens

4:00pm UTC

  • First Come First Served round opens

After the event, your FURY tokens and vesting schedule will be viewable in your Decubate portfolio (Investments page). Instead of claiming the initial 10% unlock of FURY tokens at TGE , we will airdrop them to you. We’re taking this step to shield investors from Ethereum gas fees.

The remaining distribution of FURY tokens (4.5% monthly, M5–24) will be claimed on the Decubate Investment page (BSC). This will be accomplished via an ETH to BSC bridge that Engines of Fury will implement.


What is the price of FURY for the Crowdfunding Event?


What are the vesting terms of FURY for the Crowdfunding Event?

10% unlock at TGE, 4.5% monthly vesting from M5–24 (private sale)

What is the total supply of FURY?


What is the initial circulating supply of FURY?


What is the public sale price of FURY?


What are the vesting terms of FURY for the public sale?

20% unlock at TGE, 16% release on M4, 7, 10, 13, 16

What token type is FURY?

FURY is an ERC-20 token. It will be bridged to Polygon and BSC.

When is TGE?

Q1, 2022

How do I participate in the Engines of Fury Crowdfunding Event?

1. Create a Decubate account

  • Verify your identity first, then verify your wallet.
  • Experiencing issues? Email for support.

2. Stake DCB (Decubate tokens) to secure your Investment Tier

  • While all Decubate Investment Tiers are eligible to participate in the Crowdfunding Event, higher Tiers will receive an increased investment allocation.

3. Complete your investment in Engines of Fury with BUSD

How do I purchase DCB (Decubate token)?

Buy DCB on ApeSwap, PancakeSwap or BitMart.

Contract address: 0xeac9873291ddaca754ea5642114151f3035c67a2

How do I view my Investment NFT?

Your Engines of Fury investment NFT will be airdropped one week after their Crowdfunding Event. As a reminder, you must secure an Investment Tier AND invest in Engines of Fury to receive the NFT. To view your investment NFT:

  1. Sign into your Decubate account
  2. Navigate to the Portfolio section of the Decubate platform
  3. Select the Inventory page to view your NFT

About Decubate

Decubate is the leading prelaunch destination for web3 projects. We are the first place projects go to access the technology, support and capital they need to complete a successful token launch. Learn more at



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