How To Participate In The Hodl Finance Token Claim Event

Decubate token claim events provide our members with the opportunity to earn free tokens for engaging with partner projects. Free tokens? Sounds pretty good right? We agree.

We created token claim events to solve a challenge that many projects face when they’re getting started; attracting a strong community of token holders. Traditional tactics to accomplish this, like contests and airdrops, have some serious drawbacks:

  • They attract a high number of fake accounts
  • They appeal to airdrop hunters (sell pressure)
  • They include non-compliant users (do not meet regulatory standards)

Our token claim events solve this:

  • All participants are registered and have verified wallets
  • All participants have long-term investing experience
  • All participants are KYC’d

Is your project looking to onboard new token holders? Contact us to learn more about token claim events and other Decubate token management products like vesting, staking and crowdfunding.

How do I participate in the Hodl Finance token claim event?

We’re glad you asked. First, you need to be a Decubate member. Already have a membership, skip ahead to the next step. New to Decubate? Becoming a member is easy:

  1. Create a Decubate account, verify your identity and crypto wallet address.
  2. Purchase a membership. Buy DCB (Decubate token) on ApeSwap or PancakeSwap and stake it in any of our staking pools to secure your membership. Please review the benefits graphic below to inform your membership level selection and the corresponding DCB staking requirement.
While token claim events are typically reserved for Gold+ Decubate members, the Hodl Finance event is open to all member levels.

The second step to participate in the token claim event is to successfully complete a questionnaire about Hodl Finance (“learn to earn”). The questionnaire, found on the Hodl Finance token claim event page, consists of 10 multiple choice questions that will test your Hodl Finance knowledge. After selecting an answer to each question, confirm your responses on-chain by signing a message in your wallet and paying a small transaction fee (the transaction will not go through / you will not be charged if your answers are incorrect, you will receive a notification to change them and resubmit). Completing this step also functions as a whitelist that will grant you access to claim your HFT reward. The higher your Decubate member level, the more HFT reward allocation you will earn. You will also receive an additional HFT token bonus if you have a Hodl Finance tier.

Hodl Finance tier system

The HFT bonus for the event will be allocated in following way. Tiers 0–4: 12.5%, Tiers 5–8: 15%, Tiers 9–12: 20%, Tier 13: 25%. If you wish to increase your event reward allocation, be sure to upgrade your Decubate member level and Hodl Finance tier BEFORE completing the questionnaire.

Finally, head back to the Hodl Finance event page on May 17th at 17:00 UTC to claim your HFT tokens! You will be able to claim 25% of the tokens immediately, the remaining 75% will be unlocked over three months (linear vesting). Also, a 10% HFT network fee will be charged when you claim the tokens.

Token Claim Event TLDR

  1. Become a Decubate member to participate in the event
  2. Successfully complete the Hodl Finance questionnaire and submit your answers on-chain before 17:00 UTC on May 17th.
  3. Claim your HFT reward tokens at 17:00 UTC on May 17th.

To prepare for the event, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the following items:

Decubate is a web3 software company and investor club. Our vesting, staking and crowdfunding products help leading crypto projects increase token holder engagement. Our investor club provides members with exclusive value creation opportunities from the projects we partner with.




Decubate is a web3 software company that makes token management easy. We provide leading crypto projects with the tools they need to build strong communities.

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Decubate is a web3 software company that makes token management easy. We provide leading crypto projects with the tools they need to build strong communities.

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