How To Participate In The Tradetomato Crowdfunding Event
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Decubate exists to support the growth and development of web3 projects at their earliest stage. We equip promising projects with the technology, capital, and marketing support they need to achieve a successful token launch. We conduct Crowdfunding Events (token sales) on Decubate to raise capital for projects from our highly-engaged community of investors.

To that end, we’re excited to conduct a Crowdfunding Event for Tradetomato, the future of automated trading, on January 10, 2022. Read on to learn more about Tradetomato and Crowdfunding Event details.

About Tradetomato

2021 was a record year for crypto trading. Centralized exchanges saw $14 trillion in trading volume (686% increase from 2020) and decentralized exchanges saw $1 trillion in trading volume (858% increase from 2020). These numbers look even more impressive if you account for how early we are. It’s estimated that 300 million people currently own crypto currency, a 3x increase from the beginning of 2021 but only 4% of the global population. Barring a complete meltdown, there’s a very high probability that crypto ownership and trading volumes are poised for substantial growth. That’s where Tradetomato comes into play.

Tradetomato is an all-in-one trade automation and portfolio management platform for traders of all levels. Their mission is to make automated trading accessible to everyone. The Tradetomato marketplace will be the premiere destination to access trading algorithms, signals, copy trading and tools that are tailor made to optimize gains. To support the marketplace, Tradetomato is launching TTM, a BEP20 utility token. TTM will play a huge role in the Tradetomato ecosystem by powering platform access, advanced features, algorithm commissions, rewards and more.

If you’re convinced that crypto trading will continue to grow, securing investment exposure in the trading automation space might be a sound strategy. Learn more about Tradetomato (DYOR):

GitBook | Website | Telegram | Discord

Tradetomato Crowdfunding Event Overview

To invest in Tradetomato on Decubate, you must qualify for one of our six (6) Investment Tiers. Each Investment Tier has a DCB (Decubate token) staking requirement that if met, secures your option to invest. The option to invest in Tradetomato is called a “Ticket.” The Ticket Value (the amount you can invest) increases with each Investment Tier. Complete your investment in Tradetomato with BUSD.

Investment Tiers

To qualify for a Decubate Investment Tier, you must create a Decubate account, verify your identity + wallet, and stake DCB in a Decubate staking pool. The DCB staking requirement for each Investment Tier is listed below.

Higher Investment Tiers will receive an increased investment allocation (“ticket value”). To upgrade your Investment Tier, simply meet the DCB staking requirement of the Tier you want. While Diamond Tier members can’t upgrade their Tier, they can increase their allocation through compounding. Compounding is activated every time the Diamond Tier staking requirement is met (e.g. 2x 80,000 DCB staked = 2x ticket value).

Guaranteed Allocation

To guarantee your investment allocation for Tradetomato, you must meet the staking requirement of the Investment Tier you want by 10:00am UTC on Jan 10th. Investment Tiers will be locked at this time and cannot be changed.

First Come, First Served

First Come, First Served opens after the Guaranteed Allocation round ends. FCFS allocation may not be available if the GA round sells out.

Investment NFT

All Investment Tier holders who invest in Tradetomato will receive a commemorative Investment NFT. The NFT will provide exclusive access to Decubate experiences like multi-asset staking pools, enhanced investment privileges, governance boosts and more.

Crowdfunding Event Details

The Tradetomato Crowdfunding Event is scheduled for Monday, January 10th on Decubate. Verified investors will be able to purchase Tradetomato’s TTM token at the private sale price of $0.009.

10:00am UTC

  • Decubate Investment Tiers are locked (upgrading your tier after this time will not increase allocation)

12:00pm UTC

  • Ticket Values are announced (the amount of BUSD each Tier can invest in Tradetomato)

2:00pm UTC

  • Guaranteed Allocation round opens

4:00pm UTC

  • First Come First Served round opens

After the event, your TTM tokens and vesting schedule will be viewable in the Portfolio section of the Decubate platform on the “Investments” page. We’re incredibly excited about this event and look forward to delivering additional value creation opportunities to the Decubate community on an ongoing basis.


What is the price of TTM for the Crowdfunding Event?

$0.009 (private 1 sale)

What are the vesting terms of TTM for the Crowdfunding Event?

10% unlock at TGE, 5% monthly vesting over 18 months (private 1 sale)

What is the total supply of TTM?


What is the initial circulating supply of TTM?


What is the private 2 sale price of TTM?


What is the public sale price of TTM?


When is TGE?

Q2, 2022

How do I participate in the Tradetomato Crowdfunding Event?

1. Create a Decubate account

  • Verify your identity first, then verify your wallet.
  • Experiencing issues? Email for support.

2. Stake DCB (Decubate tokens) to secure your Investment Tier

  • While all Decubate Investment Tiers are eligible to participate in the Crowdfunding Event, higher Tiers will receive an increased investment allocation.

3. Complete your investment in Tradetomato with BUSD

How do I buy DCB (Decubate token)?

Purchase DCB on ApeSwap, PancakeSwap or BitMart.

DCB contract address: 0xeac9873291ddaca754ea5642114151f3035c67a2

How do I view my investment NFT?

Your Tradetomato investment NFT will be airdropped one week after their Crowdfunding Event. As a reminder you must secure an Investment Tier AND invest in Tradetomato to receive the NFT. To view your investment NFT:

  1. Sign into your Decubate account
  2. Navigate to the Portfolio section of the Decubate platform
  3. Select the Inventory page to view your NFT

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