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The 2021 cryptocurrency bull cycle is attracting a great deal of innovators and investors. The demand for new promising projects with disruptive visions is higher than ever. At the same time, the number of blockchain launchpads, accelerators, and incubators is increasing and gaining traction. Most blockchain launchpads compete for the same blockchain startup inflow.


We notice a significant decline in the quality of new blockchain projects as a result of the high demand and competition. Most of these projects still need to prove long-term commitment, credibility, product development, and delivery at a huge cost.


Decubate has an entirely different approach. Instead of competing in the same blockchain startup inflow, we will prioritize incubating promising traditional startups that can benefit and utilize blockchain solutions. We will become a stepping stone and bridge for promising startups into the blockchain startup inflow.


Each generation witnessed a new revolution of disruptive innovations which spawned industry titans. We firmly believe the biggest innovation of our lifetime is fractionalizing ownership of all assets by tokenizing them. Just like all assets became digitized 20 years ago, the same assets will be tokenized in the not so far future. Combining this with a non-custodial, cross-chain community-driven crowdfunding incubator is a promising vigorous combination.

Our mission

Accelerate the mass adoption of all digital assets by offering innovators the resources they need while justly rewarding and incentivizing community engagement.

What does Decubate offer?

  1. Cross-chain and interoperability: The platform can be used with multiple blockchains. Sharing information across different blockchain networks without the need for an intermediary. Imagine initiating a fundraising campaign on multiple networks.
  2. Smart-vesting: We have seen enough crowdfunding campaigns with vesting strategies that are just not fair nor realistic. The innovator can choose between different smart vesting strategies.
  3. Fair allocation: We believe in decentralization. An allocation will be managed between the innovator and the investor. Both parties define the agreements.
  4. Incubating strategy: Instead of just looking inwards into blockchain startups we will partner with traditional incubators across all Europe (globally later) to find projects with proven products and brands that can benefit from Blockchain technology and solutions.
  5. Community driven and governance: The community will be an important but central part of the ecosystem. The fees will be distributed to the community which they can use to vote for innovative ideas or new features for the platform. The community decides.
  6. Reputation mechanics: We believe in a true reputation model. The community should be rewarded for high reputation scores. Earn rewards by giving feedback, audit projects, provide liquidity or pledge other resources (marketing, audits, capital, general idea’s) for reputation and other rewards (tokens).
  7. Tokenized assets: The platform will enable the tokenization of traditional assets. We strongly believe in tokenization; hence it is part of our roadmap.
  8. Contract configuration: Innovators can configure their incubation plan, contracts, vesting and much more. No need for a technical background in this phase — we promise. They decide, we build.
  9. Effortless staking and pooling: We will provide staking strategies to reward the community for their trust in our future. We have a roadmap that will need years to develop, we’re here to stay.
  10. Non-custodial: We aim to connect innovators with investors using DeFi solutions for fundraising, vesting, permission-less listings and allocation distribution.
  11. Cross-chain listings: Incubated projects can be deployed on different blockchains. We will use cross-chain, multi-bridge exchange solutions to maximize liquidity, impact and save high fees.
  12. Reputation NFT’s: We acknowledge there is a demand for NFT’s and will be happy to utilize a mechanic who rewards the highest reputation score users within the platform. Gamification mechanics can have a tremendous impact if used correctly.

What makes different?

  1. Incubation selection: Community participants decide which project we incubate by voting. Anyone can request an incubation plan which will go directly to the community for voting.
  2. Fee distribution: Community participants get all the rewards. Each transaction made on the platform will burn a portion of tokens, the rest will go to the staking pool. Not the team, unlike the competitors.
  3. Capital allocation: Reputation instead of token amount. The quantity and timing of the purchase of our token will not be enough. We aim to reward engagement rather than only capital.
  4. Incubation preference: Blockchain startups, as well as traditional companies, can utilize blockchain. The team will seek strategic partnerships with traditional incubators. Thousands of startups have promising working products that could benefit and utilize blockchain rather than focusing only on blockchain startups with only a vision.
  5. Reward engagement: Spot red flags, give feedback, create a video or blog, audit or advice — get rewarded for your time, effort, expertise, and engagement.
  6. Tokenize assets: Instead of just focusing on utility tokens and coupons we aim to tokenize any asset once the right legal framework and infrastructure.
  7. The team: A tier 1 team with proven experience at start-up, scale-up and large blockchain companies since 2014. The team members specialize in both technical aspects in addition to user-centric agile product development and design.
  8. Token distribution and vesting: Our mission will keep us busy for the decade. We put our money where our mouth is. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The tokens reserved for team members (10%), advisors and seed investors will be vented within four years. The rest will be entirely used for community rewards, development, and growth.
  9. Compliant: We recognize that we cannot achieve our long-term vision of tokenizing assets without a correct legal framework.
  10. Technical infrastructure: Launched on Binance Smart Chain, interoperable with Ethereum, powered by Substrate under Polkadot. Sufficient pools are focusing on Ethereum. We recognize the importance of Ethereum and the fact it’s more decentralized. However, there is a need for lower transaction fees and launch pools that support Binance smart chain until we launch our own main net on Polkadot using substrate technology. This will give us the functionalities that we need to build the bridge between our platform and traditional businesses.

Stay tuned for more information!

In the upcoming days and weeks, we will start releasing information regarding our token (utility, metrics and sale) and our official roadmap, partnerships, team and advisors, GTM strategy.

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