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In this edition of our Project Spotlight, we’re highlighting BattleVerse, an infinite gaming universe where players create their own path to walk on.

BattleVerse is a multichain play-to-earn metaverse with endless room for creativity:

  • Play: Participate in BattleVerse on your terms: PvP, PvE or staking.
  • Win & Earn: Win tokens, items (NFTs), and earn profits.
  • Upgrade: Earn, buy, breed and customize characters.
  • Host: Buy, sell, rent, and even lease plots of land.

BattleVerse broadens players’ horizons of battling and farming through engaging missions and various quests at the intergalactic level. BattleVerse placed 3rd in the BSC GameFi Hackathon and has used this momentum to propel the gaming experience even further. The BattleVerse world is constantly expanding and integrates the crypto aspect of the game seamlessly.

The team behind BattleVerse is stacked with some of the best and brightest in the crypto gaming industry. This quarter, the team is set to implement an in-game marketplace directly into the BattleVerse world. Additionally, they will be launching their PvP battle mode, as well as their PvE mode. BattleVerse hopes to mold gaming enthusiasts and crypto connoisseurs into an unstoppable force of excitement and opportunity via their platform. One of the most unique features of BattleVerse is the ability to interact with other players across various blockchains, which means gamers will have the ability to transfer assets to different blockchains.

Gamers will have the opportunity to obtain new characters as they progress throughout the game. Each new character that is brought into the BattleVerse world is forged by a first-class team of creatives. More character races will come into play as the BattleVerse expands. This quarter, they will launch the second and third generation of Baby Combat Bots, as well as the second and third generation of Battle Shrooms, each embodying their own special powers and capabilities.

The BattleVerse economy is powered by $BVC and offers a lot of interesting in-game experiences.

  • Earn $BVC for competing in various tournaments, battling other players, and completing quests..
  • Observe other players go head-to-head in battles and stake $BVC tokens for a chance to build upon your profits.
  • Independently determine the amount of funding per battle, allowing players to win varying amounts of $BVC.
  • Create in-game assets by purchasing territories and building structures — skill factories, ticket offices, farming, and entertainment bars.
  • Holders of $BVC can participate in the BattleVerse Council.

BattleVerse is set up nicely for success. Here are the top 3 reasons why we’re incredibly excited about BattleVerse:

Strong roadmap

BattleVerse is already packed with exciting and niche features; however, over the next few quarters they will implement some really exciting new features. In Q2, they are launching their franchise program, as well as expanding the games ecosystem. One of the most ambitious undertakings of the BattleVerse team is the launch of their mobile app for Android and IOS in Q3.

Exceptional team and partners

The team behind BattleVerse has extensive experience in the gaming industry, in particular, within the crypto-space. They have an ambitious creative team who are looking to constantly expand and fine-tune the BattleVerse world and its characters. Some of their partnerships include: Magnus Capital, Automatic Venture Group, Big Brain Holdings, CKK Ventures, and many more (check out more BattleVerse partnerships here)

Massive addressable market

In 2021 alone, the NFT market ballooned to $41 billion. The gaming market is currently at $173 billion and is estimated to reach $256 billion within the next few years. BattleVerse is entering several marketplaces, each with incredible opportunities to achieve massive success. Furthermore, BattleVerse has media partnerships with these leading financial sources: MarketWatch,, Yahoo! Finance, Bitcoinist, Associated Press, as well as other media partnerships.

BattleVerse truly thinks of everything when it comes to addressing the gamers’ needs and desires. We’re excited to become immersed in the ever-expanding BattleVerse world. Decubate will host the Battleverse Crowdfunding Event next Wednesday, February 16th, 2022.

Learn more about BattleVerse:

Website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter


⚙️ BattleVerse is a free, play-to-earn online game powered by DeFi and NFTs.

💪 Players can participate in battles, go on intergalactic adventures, become renowned merchants and more.

🤯 The addressable market for gaming, NFTs and virtual goods is $300b.

🪙 To support the game, BattleVerse is launching BVC, a BEP20 utility token.

📈 BVC will be used to purchase game objects, DeFi and governance.

🤝 BattleVerse partners include: Magnus Capital, Automatic Venture Group, Big Brain Holdings, CKK Ventures, and many more.

📆 Decubate will conduct a Crowdfunding Event for BattleVerse on Feb 16.

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