Meet The Team Behind Decubate — Pierre Cornet, Community Lead

In this installment of our Meet the Team interview series, we sat down with Pierre Cornet, Community Lead of Decubate. While we’re extremely excited about our platform and roadmap, we know that our most valuable asset is the Decubate community. With his unique combination of management and people skills, Pierre is well positioned to develop a highly engaged global community for Decubate.

In this interview you’ll discover what Pierre is currently working on, his passion for traveling and why he’s excited about Decubate.

What is your role at Decubate? What do you do on a daily basis?

Ultimately, I’m focused on building a strong community around Decubate. As Community Lead, I oversee all community development initiatives across our Telegram channels. Our main chat has over 17,000 members and our announcements channel is approaching 19,000 subscribers. Beyond growing our core community, I’m prioritizing global expansion. Over the past few weeks, Decubate has launched native speaking communities for India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, France and the Middle East with more to come.

Day to day, I manage a talented team of moderators and actively engage our Telegram communities by answering questions, addressing concerns and sharing our future plans.

What are you currently working on?

Beyond growing the community, I’ve been supporting our marketing efforts to increase awareness of Decubate. I’m currently working on our exchange listing strategy and I’m leading the charge on analytics partnerships. Each day is action packed and I’m really enjoying myself!

You’ve previously worked in both the hospitality and renewables industries. What skills from those experiences translate well to community management?

As a student, I worked in luxury hotels. I learned the importance of problem solving on the fly and how to reliably provide optimal guest experiences. Once I graduated university, I started a solar energy business with a close friend. Within a couple of years, our small team installed 200+ solar panel systems in Melbourne, Australia. During that time, I learned a great deal about management, logistics and negotiation. My approach to community management is definitely a combination of the problem solving and guest experience skills I picked up early in my career combined with the management and logistics capabilities I acquired as an entrepreneur.

It has come to our attention that you have a rather popular Instagram account. What is the origin story of Ridewithfrenchy?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for traveling. When the pandemic hit, I felt a bit trapped by the travel restrictions so I started to plan my next adventure to stay positive. In September of 2020, I bought a motorbike and set off on a mission to ride from France to Sri Lanka! So far, I’ve ridden over 25,000km across 14 countries. While my route is preplanned, I try to be as serendipitous as possible. Many days, I wake up without knowing where I’ll sleep at night. I know this kind of experience isn’t for everyone but I’m making up for lost adventure time. My Instagram account is a way for me to share my journey with the world.

20k Instagram followers is pretty impressive. What tips do you have for people looking to grow their follower count?

Haha, thank you. I just really enjoy showing people the countries, landscapes and cultures I’m experiencing during my travels. The best tip I’d give to anyone trying to grow their social media audience is the same advice I’d offer to any business endeavor; consistency is key. Social media algorithms reward frequency so regularly posting quality content will absolutely help you grow your follower count. Be consistent in your comment section as well. High engagement rates will definitely help your cause.

When you’re not growing Decubate’s community while traveling the world on your motorcycle, how do you like to spend your time?

Between growing the Decubate community and traveling, I don’t have much free time. In the time I do have, I try to meet locals in the places I’m traveling through. I love trying new cuisine and learning about local customs and language. I tend to pick up at least a few words or phrases, enough to make the locals laugh at my funny accent. I also enjoy listening to music and updating my family and friends back home about my latest adventure.

What excites you the most about Decubate?

I can’t just pick one thing so I’m going with two! The first thing that excites me about Decubate is our potential to accelerate the future. Just as the shift from offline to online was inevitable, so too is the shift from web2 to web3. We’re building a bridge to bring traditional startups into the future faster AND creating new investment opportunities for our community. It’s a win-win. I’m also extremely excited about our team. Their talent and dedication is so impressive. We have some incredible updates coming soon and I can’t wait to share them with you!

About Decubate

Decubate is a community-powered investment platform that is bringing the $3 trillion global startup economy on-chain. Decubate pairs traditional web2 startups with the financial and promotional capital of community members to fuel their web3 success. Learn more at



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