Meet The Team — Susan Wu, Social Media Lead

In the fourth installment of our Meet The Team series, we sat down with Susan Wu, a Social Media Lead at Decubate. Brand building across social media is a leading priority for Decubate. With her extensive experience in storytelling, content development and marketing strategy, Susan is leading the charge to spread our value creation story to the masses.

In this interview you’ll discover what Susan is currently working on, her experience in the crypto industry and her passion for scuba diving.

What is your role at Decubate? What do you do on a daily basis?

As the Social Media Lead at Decubate, I create strategies and creative content to engage new and existing investors that ultimately drives acquisition and retention for Decubate. On a daily basis, I’m focused on social media marketing in addition to managing and activating a global network of KOLs and influencers.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on scaling the impact of our social media accounts across all platforms, developing strategies for increasing engagement, analyzing and interpreting the social analytics data. I own the management of Decubate’s content calendar which organizes our communication activities to increase brand awareness and conversation rates. Beyond growing social media impact, I manage a team including KOLs, influencers and brand ambassadors, I am constantly monitoring the metrics to measure and track the performance of their marketing efforts. I’m prioritizing scaling the team as needed to meet evolving business priorities. I also contribute to our analytics and SEO strategies.

You started your career in journalism, what are the best and worst things about being a journalist?

Before working in the US, I developed and implemented global media strategies for organizations in Hong Kong. The best things about being a journalist are the opportunity to work internationally and the ability to acquire new skills. I also learned a lot about persistence as great stories take a lot of time and energy to unearth. Unsurprisingly, people with journalism skills gravitate to public relations and marketing roles; obviously, I am one of them. Apart from the many advantages, there are also some downsides related to it. This career requires me to be away from home quite often. Another disadvantage is that I have to work in crisis areas, and seeing people suffer can be a huge emotional burden.

You then studied film-making, how did that experience influence your approach to marketing?

I would say it had a very profound effect on my mindset. It’s easy for audiences to get lost in the land of jargon in the blockchain industry. I leveraged my film production skills to simplify complicated concepts by making multimedia materials so that potential investors with less knowledge can understand and make better investing decisions. Those materials include explainer videos, 2D animations, graphics, as well as various combinations of non-literal materials. These types of multimedia materials became extremely popular after publishing, some of them played a vital role in projects’ exponential growth.

You entered the crypto industry in 2017. What can you tell us about some of the projects you worked on? What lessons did you learn?

Before joining Decubate, I worked in Silicon Valley as a global marketing manager at AFintech, a leading blockchain incubator featured in Forbes, where I was responsible for handling promotions of incubating projects’ ICO, IEO and global exchanges listing. Major products include Bitsdaq, Bittrex’s partner exchange;, a global real estate blockchain cloud platform; Bitwork, a leading blockchain community in Asia; Coin Planet, a fundraising app with multiple cryptocurrency support, etc.

To be honest, Crypto marketing is not some technical skill that you can learn in a classroom, as the entire industry is just over a decade old, with the vast majority of activity happening in the last three years. I’ve learned a number of lessons but for the purposes of brevity, let me share my top 3. The first is to define, collect, analyze and optimize the right metrics; the second is to build the right growth features for the projects. Last but not least, a formula for marketing success: Project-Market Fit + Viral Features = Growth.

We heard that you spend a lot of time in open water. What exactly are you up to?

Haha, I can talk about that all day!

I’ve been obsessed with the ocean ever since I was a kid. I got my first diver certificate in Malaysia in 2013. Since then, diving has become a magical part of my life. Anyone who’s ever found themselves suspended, weightless, in the middle of a gazillion fish, amazing shipwrecks will get it. Over the next couple of years, I earned an Advanced OW certificate, Enriched Air certificate, Rescue Diver certificate and Dive master certificate in the Philippines. Those experiences developed my situational awareness and problem solving skills, which impacted me beyond the water. After settling down in California, I realized there were many good scuba diving sites around the Bay Area and I’m now on my way to becoming a PADI certified Diving Instructor. I equate diving to meditation in the ocean. It’s my favorite way to increase innovation and insight, achieve a state of calm and even heal what’s broken

What excites you the most about Decubate?

You know, the decentralized finance model of cryptocurrencies experienced a meteoric increase in value. DeFi catapulted cryptocurrencies into the public eye and started a market frenzy. I love disruptive businesses, and when I got an opportunity to join a business that could bring a $3 trillion global startup economy onto blockchain, in one of the most disruptive categories on the planet, I was super excited to take it. Better yet, I enjoy working together with a group of the world’s best talent in the blockchain industry. Decubate draws on the benefits of international diversity, bringing together people from many cultures with varied work experiences and different perspectives on strategic and organizational challenges. All this helps Decubate compete in the current crypto industry. The fun fact is that I am the only woman and Asian in the core team. I hope my experiences could inspire more women and minorities to enter the promising blockchain industry.

About Decubate

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