Meet Tradetomato — The Future Of Automated Trading
5 min readDec 21, 2021


In this edition of our Project Spotlight, we’re highlighting Tradetomato, a blockchain-native platform for automated trading and portfolio management.

Over the past couple years, we’ve witnessed the incredible growth of the broader crypto market with DeFi as a core catalyst. This new breed of financial product innovation has attracted billions in traditional investment and millions of new eyeballs and public interest. Quoting the New York Times, “we’re all crypto people now”. With great publicity comes more interest and participation in crypto, which sounds great to us.

Increasingly, trading has become a “go-to” way for newcomers to get involved in crypto. However, regardless of how easy it seems, most of us know that trading comes with a steep learning curve, and executing trades can be time consuming as it requires your full attention. This is where Tradetomato comes in. They’ve developed a suite of tools that helps the average person master the markets, easily navigate crypto and DeFi space and serve as a single access point for all trading activity.

Get to know Tradetomato

To better get you up to speed on Tradetomato and why we’re bullish on their automated trading ecosystem, we’ve selected key slides out of their investor presentation for commentary. Additional information will be available on their Decubate profile in the coming days.

Some of the key features of Tradetomato’s solution are automated trading that allows you to create, edit, test, and run your own trading algorithms. Their real-time portfolio tracking and customizable dashboard provide a singular view of your trading activities. Tradetomato’s industry leading algorithms, including sub-positions and linked modules, are a major competitive advantage.

We especially like the marketplace feature that allows you to follow other traders, subscribe to trading signals, rent trading algorithms (or sell your own), and earn fees when your followers make a profit. Discovering and utilizing new strategies is critical to maintaining long-term performance. Tradetomato has you covered.

You already know that one of the first things we look at when evaluating projects is the team. After all, the people behind the company are more important than the company itself. The Tradetomato team are highly motivated crypto veterans and have experience in algorithmic trading, fund management, cryptocurrency mining, data science, machine learning, and more. Led by Silas Voerman (Founder), supported by a host of talented developers along with marketers, advised by industry leaders and experienced entrepreneurs including Ivo Teel, the CTO of Vela Games, and our own Elliot Hagemeijer, we think Tradetomato is in it to win it.

Another thing we look at during our evaluation is the use case — does the proposed solution really resolve a pain point and bring value to both customers and investors. Tradetomato has a unique solution that has the potential to transform DeFi and crypto trading as we know it. After all, how many projects can you name that offer the unique combination of education, monitoring, trade management and marketplace? We thought so.

Tradetomato utility token will be used, to support the Tradetomato ecosystem, granting access to the trading platform, acting as a payment method for utilizing algorithms & signals, unlocking exclusive features, airdrops, and more.

Tradetomato token holders will benefit from a wide range of extra features such as above mentioned airdrops and rewards but also trading competitions, level based access for exclusive features, participation in token staking, and referral programs.

The Tradetomato team didn’t just put a lot of thought into how the token can and will be used but their road map is also meticulously planned to bring the most value to token holders and investors as fast as possible.

Tradetomato has everything they need to become a go-to solution for millions of traders across the globe. Talented team, great solution to some of the most common trading pain points, and an aggressive growth plan. We have no doubt that Tradetomato will become a household name in the crypto and DeFi industry before long.


🍅 Tradetomato is a blockchain native all-in-one trading and portfolio management platform.

📈 They provide trading automation and high-performance algorithms that are tailor made to optimize gains.

🏘 The Tradetomato marketplace will be the premiere destination to access trading algorithms, signals, copy trading and advanced tools.

🪙 To support the marketplace, Tradetomato is launching TTM, a BEP20 utility token.

🌱 TTM will play a huge role in the Tradetomato ecosystem by powering platform access, advanced features, algorithm commissions, rewards and more.

💰 Tradetomato will conduct a private sale Crowdfunding Event on Decubate on January 10, 2022.

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