Multi-Asset Staking Pools Are Live

The staking experience on Decubate received a major upgrade six weeks ago with the introduction of compounding staking rewards. Our staking V2 rollout continued with the debut of NFT boosts. The final piece of our new staking experience is now here. Say hello to multi-asset staking.

Multi-asset staking is a term used to describe locking one type of crypto currency in a staking pool and earning rewards in another. Today, we’re launching our first multi-asset staking pool with our friends at Hodl Finance. The DCB/HFT pool allows you to stake DCB and receive HFT rewards.

Lock period: 30 days

Staking Rewards: 90% APR

NFT Boost: Hodl Finance “Babylon” NFT holders will receive a 9% APR boost

Stake now:

Unlike most pools rewards on Decubate which compound, multi-asset pool rewards will not be automatically restaked. You can claim rewards in two different ways:

  1. Claim all rewards after the lock period of 30 days is finished.
  2. If you deposit more tokens into the pool, the lock period is reset and rewards are distributed to your wallet.

Note: per Hodl Finance’s transaction model, 10% of your HFT tokens will flow back to the Hodl Finance ecosystem for every transaction. This includes claiming HFT tokens.

Pro tip: it will pay (in a major way) to hold onto your Hodl Finance tokens as their biggest event is yet to come…

Hodl Finance merges centralized and decentralized finance to create a sustainable ecosystem for constant innovation. By combining the best aspects of community governance and a transparent foundation, the growth of the community and ecosystem is ensured.

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