Meet Basketballverse — The Future Of Esports
5 min readFeb 4, 2022


In this edition of the Decubate Project Spotlight, we’re highlighting Basketballverse, a virtual basketball game and metaverse that’s poised to become the future of esports.

People love basketball. With roughly 2.2 billion fans enjoying the game as players, spectators, on TV, in magazines on social media and as gamers, it’s the world’s third most popular sport. However, there have traditionally been many barriers to active, realistic, professional participation in basketball gaming.

Today’s gamers want a truly immersive experience that offers a wide range of opportunities to compete, to customize, to own and to earn. Fortunately, blockchain-powered innovations like cryptocurrency and NFTs are unlocking new value creation opportunities for gamers. With more control of in-game assets and new, financially rewarding gameplay modes (play-to-earn), the golden age of gaming looks to be on the horizon.

The Game

Basketballverse is a virtual basketball game and metaverse built on Ethereum and Immutable X. With its BVR token economy, the game allows participants to earn real income by playing as a baller, owning and managing a club, or owning an arena to host games and sell merchandise.

  • Play: Compete in 1:1, 3:3, 5:5 virtual basketball tournaments.
  • Own: Manage a club, recruit players, play in leagues and manage arenas.
  • Earn: Win NFTs through competition, selling, renting and deals.
  • Level-up: Gain ability through experience, game-playing and training.
  • Connect: Meetup with players from around the world to practice and play.

Think NBA2K — the kind of game in which you can control your “player” but with the real-world parallels of being able to participate in club and arena management. The main difference: there are no NBA stars to control. Here, your baller avatar is the star who builds his or her own metaverse basketball career through gameplay, attracting sponsorship and building a fanbase. As in real-world basketball, you can earn an actual living from it.

Basketballverse is an extension of the real-world sport. They are on a mission to create a full basketball ecosystem experience in the metaverse via immersive gameplay, balanced competition, and big rewards.

The Market

While converting the world’s 2.2 billion basketball fans into Basketballverse players is a tall order, onboarding gaming enthusiasts and e-sports fans is highly achievable and lucrative. The eSports industry is growing exponentially. There are currently 456 million esports fans worldwide and the global esports industry was valued at more than $1 billion in 2021 (50% increase 2020). Factor in NFTs ($40 billion) and you’re looking at a rather healthy addressable market.

The Token

Basketballverse is powered by BVR, an ERC-20 utility token. In-game mechanics are built on Immutable X to provide instant trade confirmation, huge scalability (9,000 transactions per second) and zero gas fees. BVR will be used as internal game currency, as rewards for players, passive income and sponsorship payments. In addition, BVR token holders will have governing and voting rights as well as early access to platform, game features and NFT collection. BVR will also be used to swap it for other crypto-currencies and for staking. We will issue a total supply of 100 million BVR tokens.

Basketballverse is poised for success. Here are the top 3 reasons why we think they’re a slam dunk.

Large addressable market

$40 billion+ across esports and NFTs alone!

World class team

Basketballverse has assembled a dream team to develop the most innovative basketball experience on the planet. We’re talking basketball veterans, game-development experts, crypto enthusiasts, and award-winning creatives. For example, game production is in the hands of one of the best in the industry — a game designer behind the legendary RPG blockbuster “The Witcher”, which sold over 8,000,000 copies worldwide!

Compelling gameplay experience

Basketballverse is being expertly designed to have staying power. The game pairs a wide variety of gameplay modes and leveling experiences with compelling rewards and ownership opportunities to keep players coming back for more. We’re definitely going to get hooked.

The Basketballverse Crowdfunding Event is scheduled for Thursday, February 17th on Decubate. To participate in the event, create a Decubate account (verify your identity and wallet) AND stake DCB (Decubate token) in any Decubate staking pool to secure Investor Status.

Learn more about Basketballverse

Twitter | Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Medium


🏀 Basketballverse is a blockchain-powered virtual basketball game and metaverse.

💪 Earn real income by becoming a skilled player, team manager or arena owner.

🤯 There are 2.2b basketball fans and the addressable market for e-sports and NFTs is $40b.

🪙 To support the game, Basketballverse is launching BVR, an ERC-20 utility token.

📈 BVR will be used to buy or earn NFTs, participate in arenas and for staking.

💰 Basketballverse will conduct a private sale Crowdfunding Event on Decubate on March 1st.

✅ Investors will receive BVR tokens via airdrop at TGE and throughout vesting to alleviate gas fees.

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