Decubate Staking V2 — NFT Boosts
2 min readJan 19, 2022

The staking experience on Decubate received a major upgrade a few weeks ago with the introduction of compounding staking rewards. Our staking V2 rollout continues with NFT boosts.

To reward investors who participate in Crowdfunding and Token Claim Events on Decubate, we mint and airdrop limited edition NFTs. We’ve released NFTs for three projects thus far including ARize, Hodl Finance and Tradetomato (coming soon). We also released a commemorative Decubate NFT to investors who participated in our first Crowdfunding Event.

Decubate Genesis and ARize NFTs

So, other than looking good, what do these NFTs do? In the future, they’ll provide enhanced investment privileges, governance boosts and more. Starting today, these NFTs will increase (boost) the APY of select Decubate staking pools!

How do NFT boosts work?

Decubate staking pool participants will receive an APY boost by holding specific Decubate NFTs. For example: if you stake 1000 tokens in a compounding pool with 10% APY and you hold a Decubate NFT that gives a 2% boost, you will receive 12% APY in total. You would then receive staking rewards in two separate transfers bundled into one single transaction: 1. The base compounding reward (10%) 2. The boost reward (2%).

What Decubate NFTs are currently eligible for staking APY boosts?

We’re starting NFT boosts where it all began, with our Genesis NFT. We just launched a new staking pool with an APY of 12.75%. All Decubate Genesis NFT holders that stake in this pool will receive an additional 3.19% APY boost, bringing their total staking rewards APY to 15.49%. Don’t own a Genesis NFT? Fear not, we plan to launch additional staking pools that can be boosted with other NFTs in the future.

Looking forward

We will continue to explore new applications for Decubate NFTs within the parameters of our staking contracts. One idea we’re contemplating is the creation of VIP pools that can only be accessed by people who hold a specific NFT. Stacking NFTs (applying multiple NFTs to a single pool) is another use case we might explore.

As always, if you have ideas about improvements or new features for Decubate, we’d love to hear from you. Join our Telegram community to connect.

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